Grey Whales


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See them each year in the lagoons off the Baja Peninsula

Each winter the Gray Whale ends its 12,000-mile migration from the artic circle in Baja’s pacific lagoons. These incredible mammals are the only whales to have returned from the brink of extinction, each year prospering in numbers. During the Whale watching season, generally from the end of December to the beginning of March, excursions are arranged daily to Magdalena Bay, where these Whales can be observed close up. Sometimes these beautiful creatures get close enough to touch. Transportation, guide, breakfast and seafood lunch are included. Also available are “catered” expeditions to allow you to indulge in this species for a number of days. This is an inclusive package perfect for anyone with an interest in Whales, whether Kayakers or campers, young or old.
1 Day Whale Watching $199 US per person. 
Includes transfers, breakfast, lunch, Guide and 2 hour boat trip, excluded tax (16%)


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