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Baja Sur’s Capital, with 220,000 inhabitants, is both tranquil and charming, holding a truly authentic warmth that is Mexico. Translated as “The Peace”, it’s name speaks for itself, a place you can enjoy and relax and experience the most breathtaking sunset.

Please consult your travel agency when booking flights.

Taxis are available, however The Cortez Club can arrange your transfer for US$55.00 + tax roundtrip. It is approximately a 15 minute drive from the La Paz Airport to La Concha Beach Resort Hotel and 20 minutes to the Fiesta Inn Hotel at Marina Costa Baja. Transfers can also be arranged from Cabo San Lucas (please contact us for details).

Proof of citizenship is required. A valid passport is mandatory; a driver’s license is not sufficient. Pending the country of citizenship, a birth certificate may suffice. Please check with Travel agent. You will be required to fill in a “Tourist Visa” upon entering the country. Do not loose this visa as you are required to hand this in when you leave the country, otherwise you will be subject to a fine.

No vaccinations are necessary.

Almost all prices in La Paz are quoted in pesos (MXN$) and it is considered easier and more appropriate to carry the local currency if you intend to spend money in the local stores. However, most shops will accept US$, but probably not at such a favorable rate.

Spanish is the official language of Mexico, however English is widely spoken. Please do not forget that you are the visitor, and that, if anything, it is you that does not speak the resident language, not the other way around! Any effort that you make to communicate in Spanish, however bad, will always be appreciated with a smile!

The country and city code is (52-612).

Bottled water is recommended for drinking.

Customarily, a tip of between 15-20% of service fees is expected. Most people in the service industry in La Paz expect a tip, such as taxi drivers, bell boys, maids. However it is in particular customary to tip Boat Captains/guides after each day’s excursion.